The Other Half was founded in 2017 as a social campaign and interview series with one hundred women about their relationships with their fathers, or the lack thereof. Our Founder, Kyshon Johnson, established a platform for women to explore how their relationships with their fathers impacted their personal development, career growth, and intimate relationships. The Other Half was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Tribune, Philadelphia Daily News, Fox 29 Philadelphia, Fox 5 Atlanta, Fox 7 Austin, InClub Magazine, Temple News, and The Squeeze Magazine. The Other Half then launched its interview series on YouTube, where its reach continues to grow with thousands of views. The Other Half has hosted sold-out events such as, The Art of Fatherhood, Cocktails & Love Letters, The Other Half Series Screening Party, and Father Daughter Brunch. Each event fosters an inclusive environment for self-reflection, laughter, and introspective discussions. In 2021, The Other Half kicked off a weekly journal club with women across the nation. Each week, women gather to discuss topics ranging from friendship, inner-child healing, romantic relationships, and more.
 Five years since its launch, The Other Half releases its first product, a journal designed to explore our most intimate intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. With more than sixty journal prompts, The Other Half of Self-Reflection Journal allows you to explore your relationships with your parents, friends, romantic partners, and yourself. The Other Half is dedicated to creating safe spaces for healthy self-exploration and designing tools for women to reach their divine potential.
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